Monday, August 1, 1994

Kirk Lindo's Vamperotica #2

Kirk Lindo's  original Vampire anthology comic featuring The Vampress Luxura and collection of three erotic and deadly stories.

"Something Wicked" - Created, Wriiten and illustrated by Kirk Lindo with lettering by Gary Peterson. Luxura is visited by an old lover who has very sinister intentions.

"Friday Night Charlie" - Story by Jake Jacobs. Art by Juan Pineda and Jenni Gregory with lettering by Gary Peterson. A lonely old man gets his kicks with the ladies of the night every Friday. That is until he meets a sultry new babe.

"Tortured Souls" - Story by Kirk Lindo. Art by Lachland Pell and Mike Halbleib with Lettering by Gary Peterson. This action packed story introduces the deadly BloodHunter, who has sworn to deatroy every vampire on Earth.

Contains Pin-ups by Preston Coston and Kirk Lindo as well as an extended fan mail section.