Thursday, December 1, 1994

Kirk Lindo's Vamperotica #3

Kirk Lindo's  original Vampire Anthology comic featuring The Vampress Luxura and a collection of three erotic horror stories.

"Wages Of Sin" - Created, Written and illustrated by Kirk Lindo with lettering by Gary Peterson. Luxura comes face to face with the deadly Blood hunter.

"Reverie In Red" - Story by Tom Piccirilli. Art by Kenn Bivins and Eman Torre with lettering by Gary Peterson. A Viet Nam veteran can't shake the ghosts or lusts of his past.

"Blood Money" - Story by Dan Membiela. Art by Adam Dekraker and John Russell with Lettering by Gary Peterson. A trouble man leads a life or crime to feed his addiction for a "vampire".

Contains a fan art Pin-up page as well as an extended fan mail section.