Wednesday, March 1, 1995

Kirk Lindo's Vamperotica #4

Kirk Lindo's  original Vampire anthology comic featuring The Vampress Luxura and collection of three erotic and deadly stories.

"The Blood is The Life" - Created, Written and illustrated by Kirk Lindo with lettering by Gary Peterson. Luxura confronts the deadly Bloodhunter and decides to form her own vision of Red Reign.

"Shelter From The Storm" - Story by Tom Picirilli. Art by Juan Pineda and Abel with lettering by Gary Peterson. Inmates at an insane asylum struggle to escape with the help of a vampire.

"The Last Survivor" - Story by Ian Ascher. Art by Preston Coston and Eman Torre with Lettering by Gary Peterson. On a distant colony in space, a single survivor struggles to escape the vicious vampire who is killing everyone around him.

Contains B&W Pin-up of the color cover by Kirk Lindo as well as an extended fan mail section.