Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kirk Lindo Art- Xena #1 Cover

This image started out as an idea I had for a female superheroine who was the "Superman" so to speak of her world. It was a world where almost everyone had super powers and the most powerful of them all was enlisted by the government to keep all the others in line.

The scary part is that she would only warn you once and if you messed up again she would just kill you since the prisons just can't hold the super powered people. I called the character Xena, and that was a few years before the TV series came out. I had another name for the book which was "Well Endowed". I used that as a play on words since in the story, people with super powers were called the "Endowed". Seemed like it would be a good play on words since Xena herslf is "Well Endowed" in more ways than one.

This comic went unnoticed for most of my publishing career but a few years ago I started noticing that I was selling several digital downloads of this book. It also started popping up for sale on Ebay quite a bit. A fan of mine directed me to this link and I discovered the reason why. Seems that a BLOGGER did a pretty scathing review of the comic and I must admit a good one. His review is very entertaining. If you scroll down and read many of the comments you'll see that when people actually take a look at the comic they find it an interesting premise.

I was very busy at the time with my Vamperotica comics so I didn't pursue the series. I only had time to do the cover and write the story. If the interest in this idea continues I may revisit it one day.

The following is the advertising description for the comic.
In a futuristic world where super powered people are common, the authorities have a unique problem. How do they police beings with vast powers and abilities? They arrive at a solution and that solution is ZENA. The most powerful super being on the planet is now the judge, jury and executioner whenever a super being commits a crime. Break the law, pay the price. Zena is watching!

Cover and story by Kirk Lindo