Friday, February 20, 2009

Kirk Lindo Art- Legends of Luxura #1 Cover

This is the cover art to Legends of Luxura #1. It took me about three full days start to finish. This was one of the first spin off titles of Luxura from the original Vamperotica comic series. The original art is around 11x17 on smooth bristol and was done with a B- lead mechanical pencil,  Pigma Micron pens and Windsor Newton Series 7 sable brushes. I used sizes 1 to 3.

The main purpose of this series was to give readers a look at Luxura's past adventures. The original Vamperotica series was geared around my Red Reign story line but there was much more about Luxura as a character that I wanted to begin to develop. This title was published right around the same time as Vampress Luxura #1 and was one of the best sellers. This cover image was also the inspiration that sculpter Shawn Nagel used to create the original Vampress Luxura Statue.