Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kirk Lindo & Adam Hughes Spoof Comics Cover

Pencil art by Adam Hughes. Inks and coloring by Kirk Lindo.
This is the Line art version before coloring.
This image is penciled by Adam Hughes with inks and colors by me. It is the cover to the AMAZING HEROES SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #4 This was very early in my comic career when I was  Editor in Chief for Spoof and Personality comics.

Things were always hectic due to the fact that we were publishing upwards of 10 comics per month. I asked Adam if he could get the cover art to me a little sooner and due to his work load for the big companies it just wasn't possible. He completed the pencils and gave me to go ahead to ink it. I was exceptionally careful and did every thing I could to nail the lines and softness that is Adam's trade mark for his images.

For the coloring, I used a technique called "Blue Line". It's when you get a reproduction of the line art burned onto the illustration board and then create a film overlay. The result is that you can color on the illustration board and preserve the line art from being colored directly. This was back in the early 90's and now with digital coloring this technique is no longer in use as far as I know.
This was fun to do and was a great chance to work with one of my all time favorite artists.

Pencils by Adam Hughes.
Inks and Colors by Kirk Lindo