Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kirk Lindo Art- Lady Death Wall of Skulls Commission

Finished Lady Death Commission. View the uncovered image in my Yahoo Group-

I was contacted by this customer who is a long time Lady Death fan and was familiar with my work for the Lady Death Swimsuit and Lingerie Special. Lady Death is always fun to draw so this was a welcome task. Come to think of it, I probably get more Lady Death commission requests than any other character. That is of course fine by me. I have special attachment for the character and some of my own personal favorites of my own art are the Lady Death images that I've done.
Prelim Sketch #1

I sketched around a bit and came up with two basic images. I knew what I wanted for a background with the crazy looking spider crab and the big wall of skulls.
Prelim Sketch #2

The customer picked the one that is more of a swimsuit model pose which I think was a good choice. I still like the other pose and I might finish it as a sketch at some later date.
Penciled image before inks and marker gray tones
The image is 11x14 ink and marker on Strathmore Bristol. Like many of the commission requests I get the image is a bit risque and NSFW. Check out my YAHOO GROUP to view the finished image.

The customer (name withheld by request) was very pleased with the art. Here's what he wrote:
"I've been a Lady Death fan ever since she got her own series under Chaos Comics.  There was just something about the character that drew me in as a kid, the darkness of the story behind her, the power behind her...oh who am I kidding, it's the fact that the late great Steven Hughes drew her as a big breasted, half naked, sword wielding bodacious bombshell!  After getting hooked on how Steven Hughes rendered her, I truly became captivated by the story behind Lady Death.  As the issues for Lady Death increased, more pinups were being drawn by different artists, and one artist that truly caught my eye was Kirk Lindo.  The detail that he put into each and every Lady Death pinup was absolutely amazing.  It's because of those original pinups that I decided  to commission Kirk for a Lady Death piece of my own.  I felt that he could render a really sexy lookin' Lady Death.  I was very surprised to learn that Kirk was a huge Lady Death fan himself.  I'm not qualified to say who is the larger Lady Death fan, however I can say that we are both huge fiends of Lady Death!  I think Kirk's work really reflects that he is a huge Lady Death fan, because never in my wildest dreams would I have ever conceived my commission to look like what Kirk rendered.  I mean he went all out on his own whim!  My commission is proof of how big of a fan Kirk is of Lady Death.  The commission process went smooth. Kirk gave me regular updates, and the final result was simply breathtaking!  I don't think I've ever been as stunned as when I saw the final rendering of my commission.  Kirk exceeded all of my expectations, by a mile.  All I can say after this experience is that Kirk, you've got a customer for life brother!"