Friday, November 18, 2011

Vampress Luxura Comics now available for iPad, iPhone & Android!

I'm very happy to announce that my Vampress Luxura comics are now available on iPadiPhone and Android smart devices.  As I am working on the new graphic novel I wanted to make sure I had all of our bases covered when it comes to our digital comics being released on all platforms . So from now on look for all our comics to be available on iPad, iPhoneNookKindle and Android.

The comics are available on these devices via the App. If you have never tried it then you really should. The App is amazing and is designed to read and enjoy comics with friends.
I'm working on another post that goes into exactly what I like so much about the Graphicly App, but for now go to the site and give it a try. Right now I only have Legends of Luxura #1 on there but that will change in the months to come as we format several of our other books for inclusion at Graphicly.

One of the really great things that I like is that I can embed a preview or free comic anywhere on the web! CLICK HERE to view a sample on our FACEBOOK PAGE