Saturday, September 1, 2012

Extremely Rare VAMPRESS LUXURA STATUE for sale on Craig’s List for$1000.00!

A fan came across this while browsing the web and sent a link to me. Someone in the San Francisco Bay Area got their hands on a very rare Vampress Luxura Statue.
The statues were made back in the late 90′s and only 250 were produced. They were sculpted by Shawn Nagel and each one was individually signed and numbered by me. This one appears to be #24/250. Since I started working on the new graphic novel I have had a few inquiries from customers wanting to get one of these statues. Since they are all sold out and have been for over a decade the best place would probably be on Ebay, although I have never seen one there. It seems that of the 250 people who have one of these, they don’t plan on selling them any time soon.
In case any of you out there have been looking to get your hands on one of these,here is your chance!
At some point in the future, I hope to have a new Luxura Statue created. My all time favorite sculptor is Clayburn Moore. We’ve spoken a few times about him doing a Luxura Statue and I’m hoping that one day we can make that a reality!