Kirk Lindo

Kirk Lindo - Artist, Author &  Publisher

Kirk Lindo is best known as the creator and publisher of the Vampress Luxura and Vamperotica line of comics and graphics novels.

Kirk is an alumnus of the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. As a student there he had the rare privilege of studying under comics’ legend, Will Eisner.

After college Kirk held several executive positions as an Art Director,  Marketing Manager, Editor In Chief and Senior Vice President of Product Development for several advertising and publishing firms.

In 1993 Kirk launched BRAINSTORM COMICS and after a few months VAMPEROTICA#1 was published.

Vamperotica is an illustrated vampire anthology. The covers and interior pages of the comic featured his most enduring creation, The Vampress Luxura, who has appeared in hundreds of comics, cards & magazines. What started off as a hard to find indie anthology turned into one of the hottest comics in the industry. The “hotness” of the comic was embodied in his drop dead gorgeous vampire, Luxura. Luxura’s unique hair, voluptuous curves and insatiable lust for the blood of men and women captivated readers right from the very first issue.

The original Vamperotica series ran for 50 issues and spun off into several even more successful projects including magazines, trading cards, statues, musical CD’s and even a movie. To date there are over 100 Luxura and Vamperotica publications in print and more on the way.

Kirk also wrote and directed his own movie based on his property entitled Vamperotica: Tales from the Bloodvault. Kirk also directed a short behind the scenes video entitled Vamperotica: Flesh & Blood in which he produced a live version of his Luxura character featuring actress and model Julie Strain.

Kirk Lindo's original art creations are widely sought after by collectors around the world, and his detailed, sultry drawings are at times breath-taking to behold.

In 2009 Kirk launched PerForce Publishing and is developing a line of graphic novels and books based on characters from the original Vamperotica and Vampress Luxura comic publications.