In 1994 the world of comics was forever changed when Kirk Lindo created and published VAMPEROTICA #1. (First ever appearance of The Vampress Luxura) The What started off as a hard to find indie anthology turned into one of the hottest comics in the industry. The hotness of the comic was embodied in the drop dead gorgeous vampire who appeared on the covers and in the stories. She is The Vampress Luxura. Her unique hair, voluptuous curves and insatiable lust for the blood of men and women captivated readers right from the very first issue. The original Vamperotica series ran for 50 issues and spun off into several even more successful projects including a magazine, trading cards, statues, movies, musical CD and more.

The pages of the Vamperotica comics contain art & stories by some of the top names in the comic business including Georges Jenty, Jim Balent, Buzz, Everette Hartsoe, Jimmy Palmiotti, Kevin Taylor, Mitch Byrd, David Mack, Mike Oeming, Fauve (Holly Golightly), Mshindo I, Billy Dallas Patton, Don Kramer, Leonard Kirk, David Quinn, Mike Deodato, Ed Benes, Al Rio, Mike Wolfer and many more.

The Vamperotica magazines, comics and movies have also featured some of the world most beautiful models and actresses including Julie Strain, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Lovette, Leslie Culton, Exotica, Mercedez, Stormy Daniels, Tina Krause, Countess Vladimira, Angel Eyes, Brittany Love, Erin Ellington, April Hunter, Eileen Daly, Julie Smith, Tammy Parks, Debbie Rochon and many more.

Vamperotica #1 went into 3 printings of the original version. The very first Vampress Luxura story "Deadly Desire" has another 6+ printings as inclusions in other special editions. The first Luxura story has over 50,000 copies in publication in it's various versions.

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