Friday, May 24, 2013

Recreating The Sistine Chapel- Sword of the Apocalypse!

One of the sample pages shown on the Kickstarter page shows images of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It's where the story opens and we first see Luxura talking with someone. 

At first glance it might look like we scanned and manipulated some photos of the actual paintings but that is not the case. Two very interesting things about the images for page one is that #1, the images are all hand drawn and #2, I didn't draw them, my son Kamron did. I did help a little but he did the major work. 

I found photo reference of the exact part of the ceiling that we wanted to show in the story. I drew a very light outline of how the art fit into the panel and then gave it to Kamron to do the pencil rendering.

I started to notice several years ago how incredibly talented he was at drawing and knew that he would do a fantastic job on this. I'm much better at line art than pencil shading so it made sense to have him do this part. He actually did the art a few years ago while he was on summer break between 11th and 12th grade. He's older now and has gotten even better at his art.
Once he completed the pencil shading then I digitally printed the art onto another sheet of drawing paper and I finished the image by adding the gray tone markers. After that I added the lettering and background to make the final look of the page.

This is the only page that he will be doing for the graphic novel all the rest are by me. He did help out with some of the concept art and if he has the time he might do some art assists for me on future pages. He's really very talented, who knows one day you might see a Luxura story by Kamron Lindo instead of Kirk Lindo!