Sunday, February 12, 2012

Graphic Novel Casting Call!

Would you like to be in a Comic Book?
Previous Luxura model, Julie Strain on set.
I’m looking for models, actors & actresses to be photographed portraying characters in my Vampress Luxura Sword of the Apocalypse Graphic Novel. You will be required to pose in action adventure type situations for use in the creation of the final art work. Some basic costuming and props will be used such as swords and guns. We may also need to take measurements of you for creation of specific props. Amateurs or professionals are welcome. Read on for further details.
Previous Luxura actress, Julie Strain in Luxura costume.

This is an epic vampire adventure story with a large, diverse cast so I am looking for all types. Please provide a head shot, body photo and your height along with your contact information. Everyone who submits will be considered.  Even if you are not perfect for one of the main parts, I will do my best to get you into this project. The main characters will be photographed in North Carolina. Small parts and extras can be done via email.

Get in touch with me via my FACEBOOK PAGE and I will contact you with the details.