Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010!

Free Comic Book Day was a smashing success! This was my first store appearance in several years and the very first FCBD that I’ve ever done. I thought it only fitting that it be at my good friend Bernie’s store, The Dragons Lair. Anyone who remembers knows that May 1st, 2010 was a gorgeous day and perfect for FCBD.
The guys in the photo above is Dragon’s Lair owner Bernie and his business partner, Jan.

A few photos of some of the people who showed their support by purchasing signed copies of the SWORD OF THE APOCALYPSE INTRODUCTION BOOK.

FCBD at Dragon’s Lair is a HUGE event! Vendors, Face Painting, Radio coverage and all sorts of cool stuff!

To make the event more for FCBD. We set up an Xbox tournament where you could play as one of the characters from the graphic novel. We used the IT BEGINS FCBD TRAILER to promote it. We had 8 contestants who randomly picked a character to compete as. One of the local GAME STOP stores gave me a $50.00 gift certificate for the winner. Pictured is the winner and a few of the participants.

We made a SWORD OF THE APOCALYPSE signature poster for fans, friends and customers to sign for us. I thought it was a cool way to remember the event. Every time we do a store or convention appearance I’ll be bringing one of these for people at the event to sign, and when it’s over I’ll hang it somewhere in my studio.
FCBD 2010 was a great success! I saw some old fans and friends and made some new ones. The atmosphere was perfect and turned out to be the best way to launch the SOTA project!

We created this promotional trailer using the Soul Caliber 4 video game. It’s really cool to see the characters this way. The character creation engine on this game is so good that you can make almost any character you can imagine.