Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sword Of The Apocalypse Introduction Book

This "Introduction Book" sets the stage for the upcoming Graphic Novel by giving new readers and old alike a view into my mind as I embark on a monumental 600 plus page comic project.

This graphic novel will mark the long awaited return of my most famous fictional character, The Vampress Luxura in a story that promises to be an epic vampire adventure!

Anyone who is familiar with my work will gather just from reading the Introduction Book that this is not... "just another vampire story" It's the culmination of a life's work and far exceeds any project I have ever done before.

If you are not familiar with my work then the "It Begins" Introduction Book is a perfect place to start. It takes you through several years of my life and career and how it brought me to the point of embarking on this graphic novel project.