Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stretch Goal #3 UNLOCKED! - Luxura Sketch Card Gallery

Hey Everyone,
Great news! Stretch Goal #3 has been unlocked! So now EVERYONE who pledged $15.00 or more (Which is just about all of you great people!) will get a PDF of the Vampress Luxura Sketch Card Gallery

Not long after I announced that I was working on a new Luxura graphic novel I was contacted by a sketch card company to produce the first ever Luxura Sketch Card Set.  The set was a huge success and sold out very quickly. The only place you can find any these days is on Ebay. 50 different artists contributed to the set and I have collected some of the best images for this gallery. I think you all are going to really enjoy it.   

We only have 10 days to go. I am hoping that we can make this Kickstarter something really special! PLEASE CLICK THE FACEBOOK LIKE BUTTON FOR THIS UPDATE to spread the word and help us get to the next stretch goal.