Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stretch Goal #1 UNLOCKED! - My Kickstarter Strategy Guide!

Yesterday was a blast! I did Free Comic Day at my friend's store THE DRAGON'S LAIR, took my wife and daughter to see Iron Man 3 and best of all we blew right past the first stretch goal!

So now EVERYONE who pledged $5.00 or more (LEVEL A) will get a PDF of my All or Nothing Kickstarter Strategy Guide along with all the other items from LEVEL A.

I figured that people out there might be working on projects of their own now or in the future or know someone who might be, so I am more than happy to share what I have learned from going through this process.

If you pledged less than $5.00 and want to get this incredibly helpful guide, all you have to do is increase your pledge before the campaign ends. If you have not pledged yet then all you have to do is become a backer at LEVEL A or more and you can get one too.

The next stretch goal is $3000.00 and not that far away, please spread the word and help us get to the next stretch goal!