Sunday, February 28, 1999

Kirk Lindo's Vamperotica Tales From The Bloodvault Movie


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In the late 90's digital technology had grown so much that desk top movie creation became a reality. I always wanted to try my hand at movie making so I went ahead and did it. I wrote and directed VAMPEROTICA: TALES FORM THE BLOODVAULT.

The movie starred Glori-Anne Gilbert and a few of my friends form my local comic shop. It was a blast to shoot and is very funny. I may try my hand at this again some time in the future. Perhaps after I've completted the Sword of the Apocalypse graphic novel.

Here is the official description for the movie: Nick Kovak is a washed up B-movie producer who is down on his luck. His films are losing money, none of his friends will return his calls and he's up to his neck in debt to a ruthless mobster. His only chance to save his career as well as his neck is if his newest production is a hit. All he needs to do is find the perfect woman to play "The Vampire Queen" in his movie "Deadly Vampire Bloodsucker". After auditioning a slew of talent-less hags, a mesmerizing new "actress" appears and Nick is saved... or so he thinks!!!! This film by Kirk Lindo, creator, writer and artist of the smash hit VAMPEROTICA COMICS brings to life the characters and flavor of the true nature of vampires. Great characters, steamy passion and laugh-out-loud humor make VAMPEROTICA a movie that you'll really want to sink your teeth into!