Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kirk Lindo’s Vampress Luxura Volume 1: Red Reign Rising Trade Paperback

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The Vampress Luxura first appeared in the pages of the original Vamperotica anthology comic series. This trade paperback collects the first volume of stories and characters that are part of the Red Reign Chronicles story line.

Created by artist, writer and publisher, Kirk Lindo, The Vampress Luxura is a centuries old Vampire that has built a kingdom which spreads out across the four corners of the Earth. Her monarchy is overseen from her vast labyrinthine estate below the city of Manhattan, New York. Her complex is made up of caverns and underground castles. She has several trophy rooms and an extensive system of tunnels that lead to many above ground locations. Some of the locations are buildings and business establishments owned by the Vampress.

In her subterranean manor, Luxura has an enormous Blood Vault which resembles a wine cellar. The vault houses thousands of  bottles. Stored within these bottles is the blood of humans, Kith and super naturals that Luxura has been collecting for over 1000 years. Each bottle has a picture of whose blood is inside. Some of the older bottles have hand drawn pictures while some of the newer bottles have photographs. In this blood collection is every conceivable historical figure that you can think of, from Julius Ceaser to John F. Kennedy. She did not personally collect all of this Blood, some of it she purchased and received as gifts. Other Vampires also collect blood but Luxura’s collection is the greatest of all. Her collection is preserved by a magic spell and talisman, keeping the blood fresh, like the day it was first bled. Many in the Kith leadership have often wondered why she has been so obsessed with the collection and storage of blood.

As a Judicious Kith (Vampire), Luxura works to maintain the vampire community’s three Edicts: Sustain the Blood Source (Mortals), Regulate the Kith (Vampires) and Maintain Discretion.
This book is the perfect introduction to the Luxura Universe.

Included in this volume are Red Reign stories from: 

  • Vicious #1
  • Vamperotica #1
  • Vamperotica #2
  • Vamperotica #3
  • Vamperotica #
  • Vamperotica #
  • Vamperotica #
  • Rescueman #1, 
  • Vampress Luxura #1
  • Legends of Luxura #1