Sunday, March 3, 2013

BOB GUCCIONE was a Luxura Fan!!!

Vamperotica #29
from the personal collectionof Bob Guccione
Luxura cover art by Kirk Lindo
For those of you who don't know, Bob Guccione was the founder and publisher of Penthouse Magazine. He died of cancer in 2010 and items from his personal collection are now on sale. 

While browsing Ebay, I came across some rather high priced copies of the original Vamperotica comic series. First printings of the original Vamperotica series regularly sell for prices in the $5.00 to $15.00 range but these books were priced from $40.00 to $60.00.

I clicked on one of the auctions and was surprised to find out that:

"This comic was brought to you directly from the personal collection of Robert "Bob" Guccione Senior"

Okay, so I might be taking it a bit far to say that he was a fan, but he did buy 4 different Vamperotica comics with Luxura in them. The way I see it buying 1 copy is a curiosity but he bought 4 so there must have been something he liked.

Back in the 90's Penthouse published comics for a short while which featured work by some of the top names in comics such as Adam Hughes, Kevin Nolan, Bart Sears, Arthur Suydam and many more.

It struck me as kinda cool that a publisher THAT accomplished saw something in my comics that made him want to buy a few copies. 

My Luxura graphic novel is moving along at full steam but I may have to consider bringing back the Vamperotica comic series.

Vamperotica #27-
Cover by Holly Golightly (Fauve)

Vamperotica #21-
Cover by Georges Jeanty

Vamperotica #26-
Cover by Karl Waller