Saturday, February 28, 1998

When Holly Golightly (Fauve) Cosplyed as Luxura

Holly Golightly Cosplaying as Luxura
poses for photo with fan.
Holly has the singular distinction of being the only person to Write Luxura, draw Luxura and BE Luxura!. Holly first contacted me many years ago looking for work as a artist. Talented female artists in comics were incredibly rare in the early 90's and I was very impressed with her art.

What really blew me away was when she came to one of the conventions dressed as Luxura. The fans LOVED it. And so did her husband to be, Jim Balent. They met at the Philly convention when she was there dressed as Luxura. She is an extremely talented individual. Artist, writer, colorist and model. Her success is well deserved and well earned!

Info from her official bio: Golightly’s list of work ranges from Nightmare Theatre (for Chaos! Comics) to Sabrina (for Archie Comics) to her creator-owned work like Vampfire and School Bites. She also is the colorist for Jim Balent’s Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose as well as the model for Tarot herself.

Holly Golightly Cosplaying as Luxura
poses for photo with Mike Wolfer.
She has frequently been shown on the photo covers dressed as Tarot and as Catress from the 3 Little Kittens comics. She is the model for the official Tarot photo calendar. She has expanded into pin-ups/modeling with her husband Jim Balent doing the photography and has her own pin-up calendar.

She designed and maintains both of their official websites. She designs many of the T-shirts and apparel that the site offers as well as contributes art for various businesses and people, like NewWitch magazine and Thomas Dolby. Holly Golightly Cosplaying as Luxura poses for photo with Mike Wolfer. Holly and former Catwoman artist, husband Jim Balent together run the comic book company BroadSword Comics, known for its comic Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose.