Sunday, August 21, 2011

EBAY WATCH- Vampress Luxura Cover Art Sells for $180.50

Finding the covers to any of the original Vamperotica comic series is rare indeed. This is the cover to Vamperotica #9 by D.C. comic artist STEVE SCOTT & veteran Vamperotica inker, Eman Torre. The original art was recently sold on Ebay for $180.50. Steve did quite a lot of work for Vamperotica early in his career before he went off to work for Marvel & D.C. This cover is one of his best. It features the main characters introduced in the Vamperotica comic series; Luxura, Vanthor and Bloodhunter.  The original art is ink & brush work on 11 x 17 bristol.

You no doubt have seen the work of Smallville artist, Steve Scott if you are a fan of the hit TV show. But others have known about his work for quite some time! Steve first made his mark on the comics industry via his sequential art at Malibu Comics, he later gained wider attention after he became the regular artist on the LEGENDS of LUXURA mini-series. 

His detailed illustrations of Luxura gained him the attention of several publishers and he later went on to create dazzling art for London Night’s Razor as well as New Warriors, Hourman, and JLA for Marvel and DC Comics.

Much like the superheroes he brings to life–Steve led a duel life for more than sixteen years: firefighter by day and artist by night! It took one horrible event to bring those two identities together. On September 11, 2001, he watched, with the rest of the nation as the Twin Towers fell. Soon afterwards, DC Comics published The Worlds Finest Comic Book: Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember. Steve was selected among the few to contribute to this historical collection, which was later exhibited, and is now archived, at the Library of Congress.