Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kirk Lindo Art- Raw City #1 Cover for London Night Studios

Raw City #1 Cover Art . Sable Brush and Pigma pens on 11x17 Strathmore Bristol.
This image was done for the cover of Raw City #1. The comic was published by London Night Studios. I wasn't very familiar with the characters, but from what I could tell it was an action comic with lots of cool Sci-Fi stuff. I was given the okay to put my own spin on the costumes which made the assignment that much more fun to do. The speckled effect in the background was done by masking off the figures and using a toothbrush to splatter the ink. Overall I was very happy with the final art. Looking back on it now, I think the rifle that one of the girls is holding looks a bit more like a Super Soaker than a ray gun, but I guess that's okay in Sci-Fi images.