Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kirk Lindo Art- Vamperotica #1 Cover

This is without a doubt the most important image in my artistic/comic career. It is the very first finished and published image of The Vampress Luxura. At the time, I had no idea the impact this would have on my future. This comic has a First, Second and Third printing in it's original form and continues to be a top seller in digital form.

I completed this image before I did the interior art for this issue. I kept the art in front of me so that I could make sure that the art on the inside of the comic matched the quality of the art on the cover.
There is a pure line art version of this cover as well as the hand colored version. I colored it using the Blue Line technique that I described on another post.

If you look carefully you will see that I had not yet started drawing the extreme "cobra" look to Luxura's mane of hair. It was a few issues later that I developed and got more comfortable with the signature look to Luxura's hair that is more well know today. The original art for this is in the hands of a devoted collector who has held on to the image for over 15 years.

It is next to impossible to find any of the original Vamperotica covers drawn by me for sale on the open market. I take it as a sincere compliment to the quality of the work that collectors are reluctant to part with the original Luxura/Vamperotica  covers that I have done.